How to claim your free membership:

1. Go to to download the apps for smartphone or tablet or to use the apps on web

2. Open any of the apps and sign up with Email and Password - make sure to use your Schools email address! If your organization uses Gmail, you can sign up through Google as well, just make sure you use your Schools email on the Google login screen

3. That’s it! You’re ready to practice!

Good to know:

You can double check that your student membership is now active by tapping the Menu icon at the bottom right. Under Subscription, you will see that you have access.

Your membership works with any of our apps, on phone, tablet, or web. Just make sure you sign in with the same school email and password.

Because you signed up with your Schools email, anyone with this email domain will automatically get free membership. All they have to do is download the apps and sign up with their Schools email or go to to get started. Help us spread the word!

The Down Dog Team

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