Open Roles

(None right now, check back soon!)

Work at Down Dog

We want Down Dog to be the ideal place for extremely smart, productive, and self-motivated people. This is how we believe we can make that happen:

We aim to be as small as possible at every stage
We each work under our own ideal conditions
We don't set deadlines, and we won't manage you
We only hire individual contributors
We move quickly
We minimize blocking
We iterate
We bail
We build our own tools
We don't make decisions by committee
We create more value than we capture

Learn more about our values here.


Here's what we've accomplished with a team of 5 people full time:

  • We've had 160+ million practices completed across 5 different apps (on iOS, Android, and web).
  • Since August 2019, we've given away 170,000+ years worth of free memberships to users who can't afford it.
  • In response to COVID-19, we made our apps completely free during the worst of the lockdowns in March and April. Additionally, we've gave free access to 1,000,000 students, teachers, and front line healthcare workers during the pandemic.