Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of yoga is this?

The yoga featured in Down Dog is typically called vinyasa or vinyasa flow yoga. Vinyasa yoga uses a wide range of poses that emphasize a mix of strength, balance, and flexibility. Vinyasa yoga also places a strong emphasis on the transitions between the poses, creating a flowing practice that's synced with the practitioner's breath.

What are the differences between the different Sequence Types?

Sequence Type defines the overall structure of the practice and which types of poses will be included. There are three options:

  • Full Practice - This includes every part of a vinyasa practice - a gentle warmup, a mix of standing poses, a cool down on the floor focused on deep stretching and relaxation, and a final resting savasana.
  • Short Practice - Don't have a time for a Full Practice? Get options as low as 10 minutes under this option.
  • Quick Flow - This practice gets you working right away. Start on your feet, move quickly into lunges, and keep working hard right up to the end.
  • Restorative - This practice focuses on stretching and relaxation by removing the standing postures from the Full Practice. We think this practice is perfect as a bedtime ritual!

How do I adjust the music volume?

Once you start your sequence, you can adjust the voice and music volume separately from the settings menu. Simply click the gear icon in the upper left corner to access it.

Is Down Dog free?

Yes! Down Dog is free to download and use. Additionally, we have a pro membership that allows users access to our latest and greatest features and content. Paid members get access to the following additional settings:

  • Focus on a specific practice area or body part with Boost
  • Slow down or speed up your practice with 5 different paces
  • Switch up your music with 3 additional playlist types
  • Decrease the amount of spoken instruction for a quieter, more meditative practice

How do I cancel my trial/membership?

Trials don't automatically renew so there's no need to cancel. If you've purchased a membership and would like to turn off auto-renew, you can open the menu in the app (three horizontal lines in the upper left corner) and then click "Manage Subscription".